Prepare for the next spiny lobster season with a better fin storage solution.

Prepare for the next spiny lobster season with a better fin storage so

Woman holding a large spiny lobster.Woman holding her great catch.Live well jammed packed with spiny lobster.Spiny lobster cleaned and ready to be eaten.Fin storage made easy with Finholder and More.Prepare for the next spiny lobster season with a better fin storage solution.

As the spiny lobster season comes to a close, it's a good time to start planning for next year's season. One of the challenges of snorkeling and diving is keeping your gear organized and accessible while out on the water. Fortunately, Finholder and More offer a variety of solutions to make this process easier.

Their Standard and Freediver Series are designed to fit onto existing handrails,

providing a simple and easy-to-use solution to store and access snorkeling and

diving gear. These models come with one to four pockets, providing enough space

to store a range of equipment, from fins and masks to snorkels and wetsuits.

For those without handrails, Finholder and More offer to bolster track models, which can be easily installed onto the boat and used to store gear. The Sea

Sucker Series is another option for those who prefer a more portable solution.

One particularly useful product for divers and snorkelers is the Snack Master Series, which is designed to store small items like snacks and drinks in a clear pocket that makes it easy to visually locate and access items. This can be particularly useful for those with a center console and a head area that tends to accumulate clutter.

All of Finholder and More's products are made with high-quality American materials, ensuring durability and longevity. This means customers can rely on their storage solutions for many seasons to come.

As Spiny Lobster season approaches, having a well-organized and accessible storage system for snorkeling and diving gear can be important. With Finholder and More's range of products, finding the right solution for your needs is easy.

Whether you need a portable solution or a more permanent one, their variety of products ensures that every boater can find a storage solution that fits their needs.

Finholder and More wants to know,


             With the fast approaching close of the 2022/2023 Spiny Lobster season, will you be ready to have your gear organized and accessible?

             Now is the time to start planning for the 2023/2024 Spiny Lobster season.

             Remember, Finholder and More has you covered with all your snorkel gear storage needs while out on your boat. From our one to four Standard pocket Series to our one to four Freediver Series. These models zipper onto an existing handrail for a quick simple solution to an everyday problem.

             Don't have a handrail, you say, no problem. We have to bolster track models available in every style. If none of the above works for your needs, we even have a Sea Sucker Series as well.

             Do you have a center console with a step-down head area that always seems to be a collect-all area until the head is in need? Well, look no further. Our Snack Master Series is the answer for you. With its clear pockets selecting what you need from the pocket is as easy as visually locating what you want and taking it out of the pocket.

             Our products are manufactured in the United States with all quality American materials.

             Order your Finholder and More removable pocket storage system today


Spiny lobster season is a time of year when recreational and commercial fishermen are allowed to harvest spiny lobsters, a popular seafood item found in warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico.

The exact timing of spiny lobster season can vary depending on location and regulations. In Florida, for example, the spiny lobster season typically runs from August 6th to March 31st. In the Caribbean, the season usually runs from June to February. It's important to check with local authorities to determine the exact dates and any restrictions that may be in place.

During spiny lobster season, fishermen use various methods to catch lobsters, including diving, traps, and nets. It's important to follow all regulations and guidelines to ensure sustainable fishing practices and to protect the health of the lobster population. For example, minimum size and bag limits may be in place to prevent overfishing and ensure that lobsters have a chance to mature and reproduce.

Spiny lobster is a popular seafood item enjoyed in various dishes, including lobster rolls, bisques, and grilled lobster tails. It's important only to purchase spiny lobster from reputable sources and to ensure that it was harvested legally and sustainably. By following responsible fishing practices and supporting sustainable seafood, we can help ensure that spiny lobster and other seafood items remain available for future generations.